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古着、ドクターマーチン、沈船ダイビング、海外旅行など雑記ブログ。Ex 観光ガイドブック出版社勤務、JICA海外協力隊 2018-1次隊 ミクロネシア連邦チューク州。月間約8万PV。訪問国は約50カ国。執筆依頼、取材、問合せはコチラ。

Truk Lagoon (English article)

Complete review of ”Odyssey” liveaboard in Truk lagoon【Wreck diving, Chuuk, Micronesia, MV Truk Odyssey, Odyssey adventures】

Actual review of ”Odyssey” liveaboard in Truk lagoon. Dive with Odyssey was great. Here is my actual review and detailed about diving, facility, liveaboard.

Informative TIPS of Blue Lagoon Resort and Blue Lagoon Diveshop【Truk, Truk Lagoon, Wreck diving, room, toiletry, restaurant, hotel, rates, diving, Wi-Fi, booking, diving, wrecks, accommodation】

The main hotel in Chuuk, Truk Lagoon is "Blue Lagoon Resort" also called it just "Blue Lagoon" or BLR by their acronym. These Informative TIPS were collected by me who living in Chuuk over 1 year. For your information, I have dedicated to …